Mongolia Horse Trek June - August 2010

Create Magellan Triton GPS Map

Sample Map data from Mapstor: Russian 1:500k maps of Mongolia

Brief instructions for converting the topographic Maps to Triton format using Global Mapper.

  1. Download map .gif and .map files
  2. Load .map file into Global Mapper
  3. Change projection to geographic lat/long, WGS 84 datum
  4. Export as Geotiff
  5. Run through Triton RMPHelper with the coordinates from the .map file (I also used a rescale factor of 4)
  6. Run through Triton RMP Maker
  7. Copy *.RMP file to the MAP_DATA directory on the SD card for the Magellan Triton and insert it into the GPS 

I loaded all of the 1:1M maps into a single file.

 Note that this is not compatible with the eXplorist X10's. Use RMPCreator at step 5 and 6 which works for both Triton and eXplorist series GPS units. 

Software is on the following sites: 


More details: