Mongolia Horse Trek June - August 2010


Many people and organisatons have provided assistance to the Mongolia Horse Trek 2010 by way of advice, equipment, service and financial support which has been gratefully accepted. It is with pleasure that the following sponsors are acknowledged.

While the equipment and services have been carefully selected it is the performance in the field that matters and you are encouraged to review the performance reports as they are prepared.

Australian Geographic


Each calendar year the Australian Geographic Society donates approximately $150,000 to maintain its programme of sponsorship of Australian adventurers, scientific and environmental research, and community projects. Over the years it has spent more than $8,000,000 supporting Australian endeavour in all these fields.

The Merino Company - Driza-Bone Driza-Bone Logo




Australian wool is the best in the world, and Driza-Bone recognises this. With a long history of keeping the people of Australia comfortable in harsh conditions, Driza-Bone 100% Australian merino garments have been selected as the ideal protection with the performance characteristics required for the ultimate base layer. All Driza-Bone merino wool is specially selected from dedicated farmers who supply their wool directly to The Merino Company (TMC). TMC supply natural fibre solutions from Source to Shop for leading retailers and brands globally. They are committed to supplying Driza-Bone with the finest Australian merino to create the best performance garments with supreme comfort next-to skin.

TMC and Driza-Bone wish the best of luck on this venture and know that the garments we have provided will provide protection from the extreme elements of this 2,500 km Trek across the Mongolian rangeland.

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Solo Scientific - Aurora Fire Starter

Solo Scientific is the creator and manufacturer of the Aurora Fire Starter. Solo Scientific is a business where science meets creativity and they believe that every day is another opportunity to discover or create something new. Their featured product is the Aurora Fire Starter

Nomadic Adventures Travel

Nomadic Adventures is a Mongolian adventure travel oriented company especially running mountain biking, trekking, horse-camel trekking trips as well as cultural journeys throughout the country. They take pride in giving their customers the holiday of their lifetime so that they return home with a lasting memories of Mongolia. They turn their clients’ dream into reality with unrivalled professionalism, knowledge, experience and dedication.

Emgoldex Mongolia

Emgoldex Mongolia welcomes you to the land of nomadic culture- the homeland of Great Chinggis Khaan. Extraordinary adventures take careful planning and there are many unique regulatory and legal issues that may be confronted in Mongolia. Without a clear understanding of these issues you are unlikely to realise your dreams. If you have a special adventure in mind then talk to us and we can help you find your way through these restrictions to allow you to achieve your dreams.

Our experienced staff will provide you with legal service that help you to  make you adventurous trip as smooth as possible and hassle free.