Mongolia Horse Trek June - August 2010



The Mongolia Horse Trek is an adventure to cross remote Mongolia from the eastern tip to the western tip by horse, a distance of 2,500km over not less than 90 days.

 The Adventurer

An Aussie horseman who has lived and worked in the country all of his life. He believes that the skills he has learned in a range of pursuits from mapping in outback Australia to farming provide a sound background for this adventure.


 Major challenges range from environment, transport, water, communication, predators and physical endurance.

 Mongolia is remote with a poorly developed transport infrastructure so self reliance is important. Winter weather conditions are extreme, dropping to -40 degrees Celsius, so summer is the preferred time to travel. At the high altitudes of Mongolia conditions can be variable even in summer ranging from blazing heat, dust storms, driving rain or blizzard. Mongolian ponies are small and travel speed is related to the weight they carry and their condition. Westerners are much bigger than Mongolians and a heavy load for the ponies so it is important to minimise any extra weight. Security of the ponies is an issue with feed, injury and theft being major risks.

 Mongolia is dry and water can be difficult to find. Local nomads know the environment they live in and are best placed to advise on how to find it. Communication is difficult when Mongolian is the only language spoken. As summer draws to a close conditions get more severe on the glaciers on the western border. Wolves can be an issue when camping alone.

This adventure will be physically and mentally challenging.


  •  Research the environment and identify the challenges
  • Assemble and get to know the equipment with an emphasis on traveling light
  • Maintain communication with supporters and local nomads